What is HORECA?

HORECA is an abbreviation of a combination of three words: Hotel, Restaurant and Catering (or Cafe).


It means pursuing environmentally friendly practices that help your HoReCa business reduce its impact on the Earth. In the HoReCa industry, this can be through reducing energy and water usage, cutting down on the use of disposable products, minimizing food waste, fume and odor purifying or many other practices.

In simple words: Hotels, restaurants, cafe that are going green are implementing ways to decrease the use of energy, water; waste disposal, decrease the pollution of air and use eco-friendly products, aim for sustainable development.

Why your HORECA should go GREEN?

Why your Hotel, restaurant, cartering (or cafe) should go GREEN? See it at this link: https://greenhoreca.com/why-your-horeca-should-go-green/